Kearney Pathfinder Campaign

Giants Attack

The bigger they are...

Half-breed mutt.

If only the dragon knew how hard that nerve had been hit. It didn’t matter anymore though.

Can’t grow your own scales.

He never said he wanted to.

Chesed felt his sword slide free of the dragon scales as the large creature shrieked and convulsed. He watched Tomlin duck to the side as the beast came crashing back down to the ground. It had tried to flee the fight when the giants’ horn sounded; Chesed wasn’t having any of that though. He would have flown after the monster and made sure it was put down for good.


Nah. Chesed was far from a half breed.


Yea. That was more like it. He couldn’t argue. He was from a pretty screwed up lineage.

The scaled warrior looked over at Tomlin. The halfing nodded back with a grin slowly crossing his face. The small warrior was fine. Chesed was done here then.

The rager looked up as he kicked into the sky again. He didn’t have wings, but magic was always a fun thing to mess around with… Dammit. Mvashti was definitely rubbing off on him again. Chesed circled around over the town glancing over the streets. The giants were fleeing and the general population that was left in Sandpoint looked well enough.

He passed over Erin as he dipped lower over a street.

“All good here!” the card thrower waved.

The rager turned over in the air with a wave back. Chesed closed his eyes as he popped back up over the building. He flipped around and let the breeze flow through his fingers. It was an exhilarating feeling. Flying… He could remember the few days when Sera would take him flying. He had always wanted to fly without aid… and maybe that day would come, but right now…

His gaze fell on a limping giant. The creature wasn’t keeping up with the others, and none of them were helping him move. Sad. Everyone for himself. It was a bad mentality to live by sometimes.

Chesed dove with his shield at the ready. Before the giant knew he was there, Chesed landed in a crouch. He swung the shield around in a wide arc and tripped the lumbering giant. The ground shook as the creature toppled forward with a surprised roar. It was fairly quick to roll to the side, and Chesed shook his head as he followed the creature. The giant looked at him with wide eyes as the rager raised his sword.

…Right. He had forgotten he was about the same size as the giant right now. Awkward…

“You’re not going back,” Chesed stated. He twirled the blade over and sheathed it in one move as the giant sat up. The creature was holding its side. Chesed took note of the fletched arrows sticking from its shoulder. This one had fought Shalelu and Da’Karu…

The giant glared at him but remained silent. Chesed rolled his eyes and grabbed the giant’s ankle. With a forceful yank, the rager started dragging the giant back toward the town, “You really could make this easier…”

“Why not kill me?” the giant asked in a gravelly voice.

It was Chesed’s turn to remain silent. He wanted to kill the creature. He wanted to drive his sword through its heart. He wanted to watch the light die from its eyes as it breathed its last breath.

But he wouldn’t. They needed information and- after what they had gotten at Hook Mountain- the giants seemed pretty eager to give their information freely when captured. Hopefully this one would be the same.

“Nice catch,” Da’Karu comments as Chesed dragged the giant to the edge of town.

“Thanks,” Chesed replied, “Are you all right?”

“Da’Karu will heal,” the wild man responded. He paused for a moment before adding, “Stones hurt.”

Chesed chuckled at that. Yea… they did.

After a grumpy look from the giant and some waiting, the group collected themselves around the area where Chesed was watching the giant. Erin had obtained barrels of mead from some source… and apparently the giant was going to talk with the alcohol available. He couldn’t have cared less. The talking wasn’t his part unless it was translation.

Chesed leaned back against the building wall and took a swig of mead.

“…I’m sorry what happened to your clan.”

Chesed lowered the tankard from his face. He could feel the stone cold expression cross his face as he met the giant’s eyes. The tankard dented in his hand as his grip tightened reflexively.

What did you say…?”


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