Heroes of Sandpoint,

This is your campaign’s homepage.
On this portal you’ll find records of the ongoing adventure, on characters and NPCs, and on the lore of the world.
While the portal is a tool for us all, your participation is what gives the portal its worth.
Keeping your characters up to date and posting in the Adventure Log is its own reward, but the GM will also award bonus XP as added incentive and as a reward for participating!

Navigating our Portal

  • Post your character’s stats and background on the Characters tab.
  • Over in Wiki you can find plenty of info on Sandpoint, the races of Golarion, and more.
  • Take a gander on the Items page and you’ll find information on the more noteworthy or bizarre loot in the campaign.
  • Check the “Comments” section for overall updates and notes, and to ask any questions!

The campaign site will be updating as we go, so while there’s not much here now that’ll change with your help.

Kearney Pathfinder Campaign

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