Karzoug was the Runelord of Greed, who ruled a region called Shalast, part of the ancient empire of Thassilon, thousands of years ago.

Karzoug’s armies were composed primarily of powerful stone giants and hordes of hill giants that followed his every command. Other powerful creatures counted as his allies were blue dragons, eerie denizens from the nightmare realm of Leng, and lamia harridans.

Karzoug focused his magic on the school of transmutation, magic associated in Thassilonian times with the virtue of wealth. Under his rule, though, it became more associated with the sin of greed. Among the runelords, his mastery of greed magic was uncontested, yet in the schools of illusion and enchantment (related to the sins of pride and lust), his skills had atrophied greatly.

Karzoug warred with his neighbors, but none more so than against Alaznist, the Runelord of Wrath and ruler of Bakrakhan. Between their nations, along a ridge known as the Rasp, Karzoug built immense sentinel statues to watch over Bakrakhan, while Alaznist built towers called Hellfire Flumes to prevent Karzoug’s armies from invading. Citizens of both nations worried that Karzoug’s and Alaznist’s wars would soon escalate to the point where they could bring about the end of the world.

As Karzoug and Alaznist’s war intensified, and as other wars among other runelords threatened more than just their armies, the runelords devised methods in which they could escape the world, enter a state of suspended animation, or the like, so they could ride out cataclysms. In theory, their surviving minions would then waken them to reclaim their empires once the cataclysms had ended.


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